El/La is an organization for transgender Latinas (TransLatinas) that works to build collective vision and action to promote our survival and improve our quality of life in the San Francisco Bay Area. Because we exist in a world that fears and hates transgender people, women and immigrants, we fight for justice. We respond to those who see us as shameful, disposable or less than human. We are here to reflect the style and grace of our survival, and to make new paths for ourselves. We work to build a world where we transLatinas feel we deserve to protect, love and develop ourselves. By building this base, we support transLatinas in protecting ourselves against violence, abuse and illness.

Buscamos crear un mundo en el cual nosotras las transLatinas sentimos que merecemos protegernos, amarnos y desarrollar nuestras personas. Sobre esta base, nos apoyamos en protegernos de la violencia, el abuso y la enfermedad.

2940 16th St, Suite 319
San Francisco, California 94103