FIERCE Launches Quality of Life Bow Down Campaign

RISE UP with FIERCE as they launch their Police Accountability campaign to end the use of Quality of Life laws in New York City!


from FIERCE:

FIERCE continues to work at the intersections of issues of gentrification, access to public space, and criminalization of Queer, transgender, and gender nonconforming youth of color. For 15 years, our work has been to fight against the gentrification and police violence experienced by our community in the historic West Village. In recent years we’ve focused our work on combating abusive and discriminatory policing practices, while continuing to build visibility about the social and economic issues that intersect and disproportionately impact QTGNC youth of color.

Queer, trans, and gender nonconforming youth of color must have access to public space in NYC without fear of violent or racialized policing.
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