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Network Member List

GetYrRights Network Members are organizations doing LGBTQ youth Know Your Rights work who commit to:

  • Contributing Know Your Rights materials, media, resources, and strategies;
  • Participating in the Network by attending webinars, conferences, gatherings (including via social media), or conference calls;
  • Disseminating GetYrRights materials to their LGBTQ youth constituency.

Interested in becoming a member? Contact Streetwise and Safe & BreakOUT!
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See our members below:


Region: North East

FIERCE is a membership-based organization building the leadership and power of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) youth of color in New York City.

Freedom Center for Social Justice

Region: South East

Our mission is to enhance quality of life by increasing the number of healthy options & opportunities available to low income communities, communities of color, sexual minorities and youth.

Freedom, Inc.

Region: North East

Our mission is to engage low- to no-income communities of color to end violence against women folks, gender non-conforming folks, and young folks, which bring about deep social, political, cultural, and economic change.

Gender Justice LA

Region: West

Gender Justice LA is a grassroots organization that is building the the power of the transgender and gender non-conforming community in LA.

Gender Justice League

Region: North West

Gender Justice League is a Washington State Trans* and allied activist collective headquartered in Seattle.

Get H.Y.P.E.

Region: North East

Get H.Y.P.E. (Helping Youth Provide Empowerment) is a youth-led education movement to create supportive and affirming environments for LGBTQ youth in the child welfare system by conducting workshops and other outreach efforts for foster and adoptive parents and child welfare professionals.

Global Action Project

Region: North East

Global Action Project works with young people most affected by injustice to build the knowledge, tools, and relationships needed to create media for community power, cultural expression, and political change.

GSA Network

Region: West

GSA Network supports young people in starting, strengthening, and sustaining GSAs and builds the capacity of GSAs to: create safe environments in schools for students to support each other and learn about homophobia, transphobia, and other oppressions, educate the school community about homophobia, transphobia, gender identity, and sexual orientation issues, and fight discrimination, harassment, and violence in schools.