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Network Member List

GetYrRights Network Members are organizations doing LGBTQ youth Know Your Rights work who commit to:

  • Contributing Know Your Rights materials, media, resources, and strategies;
  • Participating in the Network by attending webinars, conferences, gatherings (including via social media), or conference calls;
  • Disseminating GetYrRights materials to their LGBTQ youth constituency.

Interested in becoming a member? Contact Streetwise and Safe & BreakOUT!
for more information!

See our members below:

Audre Lorde Project

Region: North East

The Audre Lorde Project is a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Two Spirit, Trans and Gender Non Conforming People of Color center for community organizing, focusing on the New York City area. Through mobilization, education and capacity-building, we work for community wellness and progressive social and economic justice. Committed to struggling across differences, we seek to responsibly reflect, represent and serve our various communities.

Black and Pink

Region: North East

Black & Pink is an open family of LGBTQ prisoners and “free world” allies who support each other. Our work toward the abolition of the prison industrial complex is rooted in the experience of currently and formerly incarcerated people. We are outraged by the specific violence of the prison industrial complex against LGBTQ people, and respond through advocacy, education, direct service, and organizing. We have chapters in Boston, Boise, Buffalo, Chicago, Denver, New Orleans, New York City, San Diego, and San Francisco.

Branching Seedz of Resistance (BSEEDZ)

Region: South West

We are a youth-led project working to build community power to break cycles of violence affecting LGBTQ young people. Using strategies of community organizing, arts & media, action research and direct action we spark dialogue, educate and empower youth to take action. We continue to build a base of youth leaders locally and nationally who are committed to fighting for safety and justice in our lives, families and communities.


Region: South East

BreakOUT! seeks to end the criminalization of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth to build a safer and more just New Orleans.


Region: North East

CAAV is a pan-Asian community-based organization that works to build the power of low-income Asian immigrants and refugees in New York City.


Region: West

CUAV works to build the power of LGBTQQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning) communities to transform violence and oppression.

DC Trans Coalition

Region: South East

The DC Trans Coalition (DCTC) is a volunteer, grassroots, community-based organization dedicated to fighting for human rights, dignity, and liberation for transgender, transsexual, and gender-diverse (hereafter: trans) people in the District of Columbia.


Region: West

El/La is an organization for transgender Latinas (TransLatinas) that works to build collective vision and action to promote our survival and improve our quality of life in the San Francisco Bay Area.